Team preregistration deadline is midnight on Saturday, April 8, 2017. All team members have to be registered and their contributions received by ASGNO no later than Saturday, April 8, 2017 in order to be considered for the Team competition! And if you mail in your registration, be sure to enter your team's name on the line indicated on our preregistration form so your registration fee, t-shirt purchases, and donations can be counted toward your team's total funds raised!

How to Setup Your Team Page

  1. Click on Fundraiser Center on the menu bar
  2. Sign in

To customize your team page

  1. Click Customize
  2. Click Edit My Page

To edit your photo

  1. Click Upload Image and select an image from your computer.

To edit the text

  1. You may edit anywhere you see an Edit Text button.

To edit stat controls

  1. Click the blue tab to the right of the control names for a drop down box with choices. 

Note: if you have multiple fundraisers on your team

  1. Team Donors and Team Roster will show all members under all fundraisers on your team.
  2. My Team Donors and My Team Roster will only show members who signed up under that fundraiser.

To edit your team goal

  1. click Set My Goal


  1. Click Manage Team on the menu bar:
    • To enter email addresses you want to add to send correspondence to. Emails will populate from those who have joined your event in previous years or you can add additional emails addresses (click Add Contact).  If none show when the ready to email tab is selected click the Not Confirmed or Opt Out tabs. 
    • The Templates tab has a drop down list of invitation and thank you letters you may choose. (These may or may not be filled in). You may customize any letter shown.

Offline Donations

  1. You may also enter offline donations that you received. 

To share on social media

  1. Copy the URL from the top of your team page (making sure your team name is part of that URL) to your favorite social media site and share.


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